In an effort to explore and develop international community interest for a potential future “Biogeotraces-like” program to study the microbial biological and chemical oceanography of the oceans, a working group of 28 scientists from 9 nations met in Woods Hole in November 2018. There was strong interest in continuing this effort among the international participants, who agreed to act as ambassadors to communicate these discussions to their respective national communities. Please join us in building community support for this effort. The workshop report is here, and a list of national ambassadors is available here

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  • National Community Interest Meetings have occurred in Japan, the UK, Canada, China, and France. Meeting summaries to be posted soon.
  • Biogeoscapes Ocean Sciences Meeting Sessions in San Diego, CA (Feb 17-21, 2020) Sessions: Thursday, Friday, and Posters February 20-21.
  • Ocean Nucleic Acids ‘omics Intercalibration and Standardization Workshop in January of 2020


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